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GI JOE: COBRA WARS re-release

Monday, March 25th, 2013

IDW comics has just partnered with Open Road Media to re-release “GI JOE: Tales From the Cobra Wars,” a book of short stories I edited and was lucky enough to write a short story for. It’s a great collection of writers and a fun edition to the GI JOE universe and now it’s available in ebook form from Amazon and iTunes.


Thursday, March 7th, 2013

It’s finally finished! We’ve finally recorded all the characters for the complete audiobook of World War Z! It’s been a long road, going back roughly six years when we first completed the abridged version. Since that time I’ve been asked at every convention and every book signing, “When is there going to be an unabridged version?” Nobody wanted that more than me, and when Random House gave me the green light a year ago, I made it my number one priority. It’s been an amazing experience, not only working with some of the finest talent ever, but also some of my personal heroes. As a dyslexic kid who grew up on audiobooks, this is nothing short than the fulfillment of a childhood dream. Thank you to the cast, to Random House, and especially to fans of the abridged audiobook who pushed so hard to complete the story. They will not be disappointed!

Look for it on May 14th. It’s also available for pre-order here:

Barnes and Noble
Book Passage
Random House Audio
Tattered Cover