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China is China

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Last week, I was offered the opportunity to publish World War Z in mainland China. As excited as I was to enter a market of over 1 Billion readers, the offer came with just one catch. Because of the Chinese government’s strict policy on criticism, I would have to change China’s name to a fictional country. I told them “Thanks but no thanks, China is China.” Given that the whole point of the book is to be as realistic as possible and that I’ve taken every other country in the world to task (including my own beloved USA), no way was I going to substitute China’s name for “The People’s Republic of Greatwallistan”. The irony is, with China’s rampant intellectual piracy, World War Z will probably make it to the mainland anyway (if it’s not there already). Even if I don’t see a dime, at least people will be reading the real story.