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Belated Rue Morgue Festival of Fear/Toronto Fan Expo 2009 Update

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

MaxBrooks.com_AnaDrawing_TorontoAs great as the convention was (I’ve never had to have my line capped before), the most memorable experiences have to do with two women. The first is Kelly Armstrong, author of “Bitten” (and a whole lotta others). I’d never met her before and was lucky enough to be on a panel with her. Kelly (if I can call her that) is the kind of writer I want to be when I grow up. She’s deeply passionate, disciplined, and driven, with 10 books in 9 years! She’s also phenomenally humble. When asked about our contributions to the genre of horror, she answered, matter of factly, “nothing”. She loves to write, pure and simple. Anyone thinking of a career in words should look to her for inspiration. The second woman I’ll simply call “Ana 09″. On the third day of the convention, I autographed a book for a girl who gave me a picture she’d said she drew for me. It was a portrait of an undead woman in surgical garb. I’m not exagerating when I said it was genius! I asked if she was a proffessional artist. She blushed and said she was only 13. David Marks, second in command at Avatar comics, was equally blown away, as was the man in line behind her. We were in the presence of something as inexplicable as it is rare, genuine God given talent. I asked if she would autograph her portrait for me, and all she signed “Ana 09″.