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IBRAIM ROBERSON: The Artist of Recorded Attacks

Monday, September 21st, 2009

So I just received the sample copies of RA, and, to my horror, IBRAIM ROBERSON, the artist, is nowhere to be found on the cover! In fact, he’s not even on the title page! This is, obviously, a class-A, solid gold screw up, and no matter who’s screw up it is, the damage is done. Fortunately, Random House got on the ball and made sure his name will be right there in the second printing. (I like to consider myself a considerate, civilized man, but sometimes you gotta get on the horn and scream WHAT THE FUCK!?!). Unfortunately, this first printing will only have my name on the book’s cover, and although this wasn’t my mistake, it’s still my responsibility. So let me apologize to the readers, the gods of Art, and, most especially to IBRAIM ROBERSON! This man’s artwork is like nothing I’ve ever seen. Anyone who buys a copy of “Recorded Attacks” will know what I’m talking about. IBRAIM ROBERSON rocks, and the world should know his name. End of story.

Oh yea, did I mention his name is IBRAIM ROBERSON?